Framework For Innovation Competencies Development And Assessment

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Innovation competence development and assessment

Universities do not have tools to measure the development of students' innovation competencies during Their studies. THEREFORE we do not Actually know what teaching and learning methods are effective When aspiring the enhancement of innovation competencies, Although we shoulderstand organize higher education in a cost-effective way

Companies are lacking of tools and methods to assess innovation competencies as part of Their knowledge management activities : in recruitment processes, in internal development activities and when subcontracting services Training For their staff. 

We urgently need new reliable and valid tools for innovation competencies assessment That Could be used Throughout The young innovators path from university to working life Organizations . To improve the quality and efficiency of education and training and to enhance creativity and innovation, Including entrepreneurship, at all levels of education and training we need active university-enterprise cooperation and valid tools to measure Intended learning outcomes. This is at the heart of the FINCODA-project.

 Goals of the project-FINCODA

FINCODA will produce Several remarkable tangible outputs:

  • A Toolkit for Behaviour Assessment: available as to electronic guide on the Internet. It can be used as a self learning material guide for workout purposes.

  • Software Application for Innovation Competencies Assessment (basic version will be OER and more advanced versions may include a small fee for maintenance work of the tool)

  • Massive open online course related to Behaviour Assessment

  • Rater Training Workshop
  • Innovation Competencies Assessment Workshops